Growing with Experience




Good to Grow was founded in 2009 by Piquette Dipiazza. Gardening has been part of Piquette’s life since she was a little girl being raised on a fourth generation family farm in Orono, Ontario.  The farm grew apples and raised pigs, but Piquette was always in the gardens. Her grandmother could feel her love for gardening and nourished it, with both knowledge and adventure. She became her mentor, teaching her to raise vegetable and flowers, and even how to prune roses.  Gardening was a natural career choice for Piquette, deeply rooted in her family history and her love for the time spent learning how to grow. When the beauty of Vermont brought Piquette to Stowe in 2000 her professional career began working as the assistant to the Master Gardener at one of Stowe’s largest private neighborhoods. Over the next ten years her gardening experience continued to grow. Piquette completed Master Gardener program certification in 2009 and Good to Grow was born.



In 2014 after much success in the gardening world Piquette started to expand into property management. The primary focus was still gardening, but her customers wanted more. Driven by customer demand and exceptional customer service, Good to Grow was becoming a total garden and property care business. Piquette needed help to continue to grow, she needed to build an infrastructure that would allow growth without sacrificing quality. Piquette recruited her husband Jack DiPiazza as Good to Grow’s Operations Manager. Jack was raised in a family business as well. His father was a general contractor and raised Jack on the job site. At a young age, Jack was an experienced carpenter and hobby furniture builder. After college his career choices lead him down a different path, owning a security and recycling business for 20 years. Jack sold his business in 2014 and was excited to get back to his roots and get his hands dirty. With Piquette and Jack’s complementary skills, the foundation for Good to Grow was set, they became the complete gardening couple.



Good to Grow is a full service gardening company servicing residential and commercial properties in Stowe and the surrounding communities. We pride ourselves in being good stewards of the land, using ecological and sustainable landscape practices.

Good to Grow specialize in the following services:

Perennial Gardens: Maintenance, design and installation.

Vegetable Gardens: Design, construction, installation and maintenance.

Annual Flowers: Designing pots and planters, installation, maintenance.

Garden Carpentry: Custom garden enhancements, pergola design and maintenance, Vegetable garden design and installation, raised beds, garden fencing, and custom garden furniture

Property Management: Assisting second home owner in all aspects of maintaining their property, vendor management and outsourcing, project consulting and oversite.

Property Maintenance: Lawn care, snow removal, driveway maintenance, drainage solutions.